Kandidaat #C-32899

International New Business (North America)

  • Tilburg  - 
  • NL/EN/FR

Over deze kandidaat

This candidate, born in Dubai, is currently seeking a fresh international challenge. With the intention of relocating to North America to be closer to his parents, he is on the lookout for a role that involves frequent travel. Possessing native-level English proficiency, He brings a wealth of experience as a sales manager/Key Account Manager, having been integral in establishing his previous organization from its inception. His expertise lies in spearheading start-ups, particularly in the North American market. He thrives in new business sales environments and excels in instilling structure within sales departments. With a preference for IT Tech-based companies, he is primed to contribute significantly to organizations aiming to expand internationally. His adeptness in navigating foreign markets makes him the ideal candidate for companies poised for growth abroad.


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