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Since 2000, Keser has distinguished itself by favouring a sincere, open attitude and good relationships with candidates and clients over quick results and shortcuts. 

By conducting our business like this for the past 24 years, we have built an organisation in which mutual respect and seeing people as individuals are key: both on the client's and on the candidate's end. 

Meet our team
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Meet our team

Nils Vos Senior Recruitment Consultant
Nic Müller Senior Recruitment Consultant
Roy Lammers Recruitment Consultant
Sindre van der Heijden Recruitment Consultant
Mike Obbens Recruitment Consultant
Laura Vrijsen Recruitment Consultant
Lara Aben HR Officer
Twan van Zandvoort Online Marketeer
Marlou Spijker Finance
Robert Keser General Manager
Mokhtar Rahmani Junior Recruitment Consultant
Luc van Oss Recruitment Consultant
Mirthe Bakker Recruitment Consultant
Desni Ersoy-van den Broek Recruitment Consultant

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The largest network

We have been mediating candidates within the Order2Cash process with internationally operating production, trade and logistics companies since 2000. We have gotten to know a lot of people in this time. Maintaining this network has our daily focus.

2156 mediations
133 customers
Every day in touch

Recruiters you can talk to

We profile ourselves as Recruiters you can talk to, particularly thanks to the fine team that now defines Keser.

Although it seems society is becoming more and more individualistic, new ways of engaging in conversation are emerging every year. Which is fortunate, because without dialogue, we can’t get to know one another – regardless of whether that dialogue takes place face to face, via Teams or even via WhatsApp.

Although we meet all our candidates personally, these new media offer additional options for keeping the dialogue going at whatever distance.

Recruiters you can talk to

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