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Services and procedures

Since 2000, Keser has distinguished itself by favouring a sincere, open attitude and good relationships with candidates and clients over quick results and shortcuts.

Here’s how we do it, at Keser

Keser is an interim & recruitment agency. We second talents within the Order 2 Cash process. We fill vacancies within the (international) sales support, account management, customer service, and supply chain through our process-driven approach.

Secondment does not mean temporary employment. No, our focus lays on long-term. Our secondment formula ensures the new employee gets off to a flying start at any company.

Our unique way of working

To avoid a long technical story, we won’t elaborate in detail how we get a hold of our candidates.

However, in the spirit of transparency, we would like to give you a glimpse of how we work.

Keser is refreshing in the wild network of recruiters. Thanks to their professional working methods and expertise, the person himself is taken into account.

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Tip of the iceberg

Vacancy Inventory

When a new vacancy is brought to our attention, all kinds of cogs start turning. But don’t rush into things; we start by doing an extensive inventory in which dialogue is the keyword. Only once we have a clear picture of who the client is, what the industry looks like, and what the genuine needs are, do we allow our machine to start working in order to come up with a number of perfect candidates as quicky as possible. We use tools such as:

Cross-media campaign

We start a cross-media campaign for every new vacancy. Our recruitment consultants write various captivating job ads for different media.

Campaigns are published on various jobsites and shared within the networks of jobseekers. Additionally, the vacancy is published on our own website and suitable candidates from our existing network receive a personalised notification in which we announce the vacancy.


Sourcing is a good word for the search of candidates in external networks. We use advanced tools allowing us to find candidates that are currently still active outside of our network.

An extra challenge in sourcing is the specific approach of a potential candidate. When someone is not expecting to be approached, it is important to go about this delicately. This is something our recruiters are highly adept at, resulting in a high percentage of candidates meeting with us.

Recruitment Marketing Automation

Keser has the largest network of O2C candidates in the central and south of the Netherlands, and this network didn’t appear out of thin air. After meeting a candidate for the first time through our media campaigns and sourcing, we stay in touch. At first, mostly personally, but when a professional is no longer looking for a new job, we remain in the picture.

Through marketing automation processes, we ensure that professionals stay active in the Keser network. We arrange for relevant and automated moments of contact which allow us to stay informed of a professional’s needs. Therefore, when they are (passively) searching for their next step, we know this before the rest does.

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Select & Approach

We have now reached a point where we have found some highly suitable candidates. A crucial point, as the obvious thing to do would be to introduce these candidates to the client immediately.

Keser goes the extra mile. Candidates who express interest in the position are all invited for a competency-oriented interview: an interview in which motives and personality, as well as competencies are assessed.

Based on the results of these interviews, combined with the candidates' C.V.'s and personalities, a final selection is made.

Getting acquainted

Selected candidates are presented to the client and first interviews between client and candidate take place.

An important process which Keser directs, acts as a discussion partner, and updates all parties. If necessary, Keser facilitates additional assessments or tests to remove any doubts or to confirm certain competences.

Finalisation & care

Terms of employment are discussed and determined, with Keser acting as mediator to ensure that both parties are well represented.

The candidate now embarks on a new chapter in their career, with Keser continuously monitoring to evaluate the quality of the match and the candidate's progress, adapting where necessary.

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