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Customer Service Representative German

A global technical company that strives for excellent customer service and also want their employees to grow. Does this sound like music to your ears? Then this job might be interesting for you!

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Customer Care Specialist German

Are you fluent in German and English? Will you strive for excellent service and do you have sufficient professional experience within a supply chain environment or similar commercial surrounding? Please read on...

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Supply Chain Coordinator French

Do you have the customer's best interests at heart? Are you able to accurately provide the customer with the right products, individual components and customised services? Then you have come to the right place!

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Frequently asked questions

by candidates

As a candidate, what can I expect from Keser?

You can expect all kinds of clichés from us – openness, transparency, honesty and so on.

Moreover, you can expect us to really listen to you. That we talk to you. That we do not just consider what is best for our contractor, but just as well what is best for you.

Because the more people we help finding a job in which they really flourish, the better we flourish in the long run.

So, expect us to be honest with you – meaning that we will always tell you what you need to hear and not what you like to hear. Expect us to be your sparring-partner, that we challenge you and that we will not hesitate to ask follow-up questions, so that we know who we are dealing with.

Conversely, we expect something from you. Other than the clichés – your openness, honesty and reliability – we expect a certain degree of dedication from you. Commitment.

Key word in cooperation should be reciprocity. The better you fulfil your role as a candidate, the more you tell us about yourself. And the better you communicate with us, the better we will be able to help you obtain that one perfect job.

Does Keser charge money for my application?

No. Applying, registering, being invited to an interview, being introduced to a contractor, the actual interview – everything up to and including signing your employment contract will not cost you, as a candidate, a thing. At most it will cost you a few MBs – if you apply via your smartphone, that is.

But how is it that Keser makes money? Is there a catch? No, no catch. It is actually very simple: our activities are paid for by the contractor. Therefore you can rest assured that applying is free of charge at all times. So what are you waiting for?

Why shouldn’t I just apply directly to an employer?

The real question is: why would you do that? We have summed up a number of advantages of applying via Keser:

  1. Because you do not know the employer. When you apply via Keser, you are sure that you are dealing with a proper, reliable employer, and that the two of you are well-matched.
  2. Because the employer does not know you. Employers benefit from placing job openings at Keser, since our 16 years’ experience has proven to them that we come up with proper, suitable candidates only. We make sure that your CV will receive attention. In short, your chances are better when you apply via Keser, because you benefit from our reliability and track record.
  3. Because we are able to prepare you in a goal-oriented way. We know the employer and we know you. That way we know exactly how you can prepare yourself for the selection procedure. What it is that you should pay attention to, or what it is that you could emphasize during an interview – but also what you can expect; who are you up against? What kind of person is that? This type of information will provide a much stronger starting point than if you were to apply to an employer directly.
  4. Because it is free. Better still, by applying via Keser you will gain a considerable amount of time, as we will do much of the work for you and because you will only find serious job openings, which prevents you from wasting time on pointless applications. We will separate the wheat from the chaff for you. The only thing you have to do is … be yourself.
  5. Because also after the selection procedure Keser will come in useful. We will, for example, keep track of your progress, we can agree to find refresher courses for you to keep on stimulating your personal growth and every now and then we just ask you how you are doing.

How long does it take before I hear back from Keser about my application?

When you apply, you will automatically receive confirmation from one of the Keser recruitment consultants right away. From that point onwards he or she will be your dedicated contact person. (Curious to know who that could be? Meet our team)

Normally you will receive a personal reaction from him or her within two working days. You will hear from us in any case – whether you are invited to an interview or not.

Generally, unsolicited applications are dealt with in 5 working days.

I currently have a job. Will my employer know that I am looking for another job?

Keser will never release candidate information. Your current employer therefore will hear neither from us, nor from our contractors, that you are applying, because we always request your approval before we pass on your information to a contractor.

We guarantee one hundred percent discretion.

What kind of job openings can I expect from Keser?

The kind that you find in our list of jobs. Generally this concerns positions in Customer Service & Order Management, Sales Support, Logistics & Supply Chain and International Credit Control. In these positions multilingualism and a higher professional or a university level education are advantages, not requirements.

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